World Cup 2022: Because of the mouth-to-mouth gesture! Eden Hazard goes for our players | Sports

Now it’s raining on our boys from all sides…

Before the 2-1 defeat in the World Cup opening game against Japan, the DFB team posed with their hands in front of their mouths for the team photo. So a sign should probably be set against Fifa.

Before the game, the association had banned the wearing of the OneLove captain’s armband as it would have been a political sign.

Our national players are now being criticized by World Cup colleagues for their clear positioning against Fifa around scandal President Gianni Infantino (52).

Belgium superstar Eden Hazard (31) was apparently not a fan of the action. After the 1-0 win against Canada, our neighbors’ captain was asked about the DFB gesture.

Hazard: “Yes, but then they lost the game. They would have been better off if they hadn’t done it and won.”

BILD football boss pronounces it live on TV Bad suspicion about the Bayern and BVB stars!

And further: “We are here to play football, I’m not here to send a political message, there are people who are better suited for that. We want to focus on football.”

But his team wasn’t really focused. Despite the win, Hazard’s Belgians were actually clearly inferior in the opening win. Canada had 22 shots at Thibaut Courtois’ goal (30), while Belgium had just nine shots on target.

In the end it doesn’t matter because ex-BVB clipper Michy Batshuayi (29) scored the goal of the day in the 44th minute.

After the final whistle, Hazard also dodged whether he himself would have worn the OneLove armband to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

His response: “I don’t feel comfortable talking about it because I’m here to play football. I didn’t want to start the game with a yellow card, that would have been annoying for the rest of the tournament.”

With his Belgians, Real Madrid’s offensive star can play against Morocco again on Sunday at 2 p.m.

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