Women’s soccer | A soccer player denounces a “savage” post-match aggression in Cáceres

It happened on Sunday afternoon, in field number one of the facilities of the Manuel Sánchez Delgado complex in Cáceres, just when the referee of the match decreed the end of the Cacereño Atlético Féminas-Féminas Don Benitocorresponding to the First Extremeña women’s soccer.

“It was amazing. My daughter received more than 30 punches and several kicks. That’s why he has the broken nose. Two other companions also have problems with a rib and an eye, and I don’t know if they are going to file a complaint”. The mother of a 17-year-old local player crudely describes her version, once the complaint filed with the Cáceres National Police by what is considered as a “wild” assault by a soccer player from the visiting team, CGG, who is of legal age.

“My daughter is forward. The game was quite tense.. She is very fast and the other one was grabbing her during the whole game,” the mother maintains in statements to El Periódico de Extremadura, from the Prensa Ibérica group, before complaining that the one she points out as the aggressor and the Vegas team tall”he was mocking after themover”.

The allegedly assaulted athlete, in effect, already has a diagnosis: breakage of the bones of the nose, after being recognized by the doctor at the University Hospital. “We took her to the ER and I didn’t think she was that bad. We didn’t know if it was better to operate on her or not. In the end, what they did was hold her nose,” she adds.

“It was right at the end. We hardly noticed at first, but everyone is a witness of aggression”, he explains. The match ended 1-2 in favor of the Dombenites. “This cannot be allowed”, he stresses.

“Just at the end of the match, a player from the other team addressed her and without a word began to give her punches in the face and all over the bodywithout being able to repel the aggression”, the complaint of the green player, whose family asks for justice after this event and who will fight for it with all the consequences that derive, literally appears in the wording.

The Dombenite version

For his part, the president of Féminas Don Benito, Miguel Cidoncha, explains what happened from the point of view of the calabazón team and remarks that the player allegedly attacked was the one who first addressed CGG, “hitting her from behind. It is not justification, but it is still a brawl that has been reflected by the referee, “he comments.

However, the president of the pumpkin club points out that such an event “cannot be allowed”, but points out that the incident was caused “by the accumulation of tension of the match, as they hoped to win.

It also states that “patience was lacking” by all parties and adds that the conflict comes from private matters off the field. “Football is the meeting point between the two and a friction is what made the spark fly,” adds the leader.

Similarly, Cidoncha says that the arbitration trio “did not know how to stop the issue” and stresses that he apologized to the Cáceres club and the coach of the rival team while hoping that an incident of this type “will not happen again” and that the player “is sorry”.

From the Dombenite club they point out that their player in question, a native of Villanueva de la Serena, “did not expect a physical attack” like the one suffered at the end of the match and that the local team “was more upset about our celebration for having won the match than for the fact itself”, says Cidoncha of the Cacereño Feminino.

From the Women’s Cacereño they say that they are going to support their soccer player as much as possible, although in reality, being a minor, everything will be clarified with the complaint that has been registered in the police offices.



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