Wilander believes that “unexpected defeats will come to Alcaraz”

The “success hangover” can hit the top of the game hard. That is something inevitable for the best tennis players and, According to Mats Wilander, it is what Carlos Alcaraz will have to go through.

“I think it will be very difficult for him to digest everything he has done in 2022. Luckily, he has a coach like (Juan Carlos) Ferrero who can advise him and minimize the consequences, but he is going to go through a kind of validation process in which he feels that he has to continuously demonstrate why he is number 1 in the world. It is possible that doubts enter you and unexpected defeats arrivebut he can only make up for it with a great job on a physical and mental level”, commented the Swedish tennis glory.

In-chain margin comments Eurosportwhere he gave an interview, Wilander did not hesitate to reveal the best of the Spanish for the next season: “It is vital that he finds a way to play effectively when he does not have a good feeling. It is clear that he is the most inspiring tennis player we have in these moments. What he has done this year has been incredible and the best thing about him is how much fun it is to watch him play. He has enormous charisma and that way of smiling on the court. We should never compare him to the Big 3, but certainly what he’s done is something I’ve never seen before.”



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