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During the match, Clark International’s manager Sasaki yelled at the opponent, “How long are you going to keep yelling?”

The third day of the “53rd Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament” held on the 20th. Osaka Toin (Osaka), aiming for the first ever “Jingu consecutive victory”, defeated Clark International (Hokkaido) in the 6th inning, 12-2, to advance to the semi-finals. During the match, there was an act in which Clark International manager Keiji Sasaki warned the opponent’s bench about “vocalizing”.

The scene in question is Osaka Toin’s two attacks. Manager Sasaki leaned forward and shouted, “How long will you keep yelling! The pitcher is throwing?” Ace pitcher Ayumi Niioka (2nd year) took note of the Osaka Toin Nine, who continued to vocalize even when he started pitching.

Until now, Osaka Toin has been using the same voice during attacks in the Osaka tournament, the Kinki tournament, and the first match of this tournament, the Toho match. It is meant to inspire allies and to show one’s feelings to the fullest, and it can be said that it is a scene that is often seen in teams other than Osaka Toin and in all categories of baseball.

After the game, Manager Sasaki was asked about the scene in the second inning, and said, “It’s not baseball to say ‘wow wah’ when the pitcher is about to throw. You have to do it like a gentleman.” It’s unclear what Osaka Toin’s bench specifically said, but he seemed to have a sense of distrust.

If there is an act of conveying the type of pitch, the referee should immediately pay attention. Koichi Nishitani, director of Osaka Toin, also said, “It’s like triggering something. In the past, (runners) ‘run away’, of course, I don’t think it’s a good idea to (tell) the type of pitch. I don’t think so. No, I’m just trying my best to make my voice heard in the new team.

Apart from “voicing” to raise the mood of the team, it is also true that there is “heckles” that put down the opponent, but this time Osaka Toin is the former. However, the rules for speaking out are not clarified, and a certain amount of manners are required, and you should avoid speaking or acting in a way that puts the other party at a disadvantage.

[Photo]Clark International manager Keiji Sasaki watching the game from the bench



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