White sneakers: 10 garments with which they combine perfectly

To use white tennis It is as simple as it is difficult at the same time. Yes. This may sound like a total oxymoron to you; however, correctly styling these sneakers Basics in our wardrobes can become that contradiction that we fear so much. It is usually thought that because blancos They won’t have any complications. And on the one hand this is correct, because they are the most versatile we could have; but on the other, this mutability does not mean that there is not a better way to combine them. Especially when we start paying attention to the trends of the moment and —although retro is still hype— We don’t want to see ourselves like our parents thirty or forty years ago… I mean, maybe yes, but with more style and the vibe of this century.

Here, twelve pieces that are breaking the streets and the internet, and that combine perfectly with your white tennis favorites.

golf shorts

Dockers x Malbon.Courtesy

Vintage-inspired, reinvented to give another facet of old money aesthetic, you need shorts made with durable cotton linen and an elasticated waist, in the perfect balance between style and comfort. Something that falls within the semantics of golf, but also pushes the boundaries of beach wardrobe and casual chino sophistication. Our recommendation: Dockers x Malbon Golf Playa Shorts.

Not the same t-shirt

Adolfo Dominguez.Courtesy


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