Where to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Where to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The opening match of the world championship in Qatar starts on Sunday at 5 p.m., but the following day, Monday, the start of an unusual marathon awaits the television viewer.

Every day they will see four football broadcasts a day, always from 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm. And he will also have to look for what channel the transmission will run on. For the first time, the world championship is shared in the Czech Republic by two domestic television stations – Czech Television and Nova.

Nova allocated its free-to-air channel Nova Action for the match (and in three cases also the main TV Nova, the public broadcaster will use ČT Sport. Some duels will be shown on two channels in parallel, some matches from Qatar were split between the two broadcasting televisions.

So the TV viewer may have to look a bit at times to see Messi, Mbappé or Neymar in the main role. But the important news for all viewers is that, just like before, this year they will be able to see all the duels of the world championship completely free of charge, on unencrypted channels.

Already in May of this year, Petr Dvořák, the CEO of Czech Television, announced that in order to recover the economic balance of CT, significant cuts would be needed, including expensive sports broadcasts.

“Within two years, we will have to reduce our original ideas by 80 million. And that compared to the original plan, which was also economical,” responded Jiří Ponikelský, head of the ČT sport channel.

In May, when the CEO announced the aforementioned massive cuts, Czech Television had already purchased the complete match menu from the World Cup in Qatar. At a price that is subject to trade secrets. Anyway, she was very tall. The need to save money led CT to offer a so-called sublicense on the Czech market. This means that the competition offered a part of the match offer, understandably on the condition that the new broadcaster will participate economically significantly in the entire project.

In the end, Czech Television reached an agreement with the Nova group, where part of the Qatari football menu was moved.

“We don’t want to show football only as a sport, but we want to have studies with an overlap and show football as a social phenomenon as well,” pointed out Milan Štěrba, chief commentator of Nova, which recently launched a major football offensive, especially on its paid channels, in connection with the Champions League , the German Bundesliga, Serie A or the Spanish La Liga.

However, Nova is offering the Football World Cup for the first time. And she chose her free channels Nova and Nova Action for this.

Both televisions are preparing studios with proven experts. Nova announced Jan Koller and František Straka in particular. At CT, we can look forward to, for example, Zdenek Gryger or Tomáš Sivok.

The commentators of both televisions will apparently accompany the duels broadcast from Qatar with their observations from the commentary stations located in Prague. Nova will send a reporting crew to the tournament venue.

The championship will offer a total of 64 matches. Half of them, i.e. 32, are broadcast exclusively by ČT sport. Another 14 duels will be offered by public television in parallel, i.e. shared at the same time as the Nova Action or Nova channels. So a total of 46 matches will be shown on the public screen.

There are 18 matches left, which will be watched live exclusively on Nova Action.

However, football will also be shown on the main TV channel TV Nova. The latter will offer the opening Sunday duel between Ecuador and Qatar, the clash for 3rd place and the final, which will be played on December 18. All these shared duels will also be broadcast on ČT sport.

You will be able to choose between the commentators of ČT and Nova Action according to your taste for these parallel broadcast duels, for both semi-finals and also for these encounters in the first and second rounds of the basic groups: USA-Wales, Mexico-Poland, Belgium-Canada, Portugal-Ghana , England-USA, France-Denmark, Argentina-Mexico, Spain-Germany, Portugal-Uruguay.

Another big distribution of matches between the two televisions occurred logically especially in the third duels of the basic groups, which are played against each other at the same time. Nova Action will exclusively broadcast matches: Tunisia-France, Japan-Spain, Cameroon-Brazil, Ecuador-Senegal, Netherlands-Qatar, Iran-USA, Tunisia-France, Saudi Arabia-Mexico, Croatia-Belgium, Costa Rica-Germany, South Korea- Portugal. And on top of that, four round of 16 and two quarter finals.

The Nova group will offer all “its” matches for interested parties on the Voyo paid streaming platform.

It remains to list the duels that will run exclusively on ČT Sport: Senegal-Netherlands, England-Iran, Argentina-Saudi Arabia, Denmark-Tunisia, Morocco-Croatia, Germany-Japan, Switzerland-Cameroon, Uruguay-South Korea, Wales-Iran, Qatar –Senegal, Tunisia–Australia, Poland – Saudi Arabia, Japan–Costa Rica, Belgium–Morocco, Croatia–Canada, Cameroon–Serbia, South Korea–Ghana, Brazil–Switzerland, Ecuador–Senegal, Wales–England, Australia–Denmark, Poland –Argentina, Canada-Morocco, Japan-Spain, Ghana-Uruguay, Serbia-Switzerland. On top of that, four round of 16 and two quarter finals. At this stage of the championship, both broadcasters divided the offered portion of matches equally.

Football fans can watch the highlight of the season through four platforms. In addition to classic television broadcasts, it will be possible to watch the matches – even with detailed statistics – on the ČT sport website, via HbbTV or the ČT sport mobile application. Similar to other major sporting events, Czech Television will offer a detailed news service through the HbbTV application. In addition to the live broadcast, it will include a rich video archive in which fans will find recordings, clips and interesting videos from matches and behind the scenes of the championship.


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