what are the groups, the best teams and the biggest absences from the World Cup

BarcelonaThe World Cup in Qatar is about to start. Full of interesting groups and teams that arrive eager to win and compete. Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain and Germany are the big favorites to take the glory in a controversial championship for the country that organizes it and in which there will be no illustrious teams like Italy, Colombia and Chile.

The favorite of each group in the Qatar World Cup

Group A: The Netherlands are the selection called to pass the round. Their rivals, the hosts Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal, will initially fight for the second place in the group.

Group B: England, a good candidate to take the cup, is the main favorite in their group to go to the round of 16. It is a group with a lot of geopolitical weight, with the United States, Wales and Iran.

Group C: Leo Messi’s Argentina is one of the big favorites and will play Lewandowski’s Poland and Tata Martino’s Mexico in a group that includes Saudi Arabia.

Group D: France leads a truly affordable group. Deschamps’ men will play against Australia, Denmark – surely France’s toughest rival – and Tunisia.

Group E: Spain and Germany will fight for the first place and try to unbox Costa Rica and Japan. However, the Japanese and ticos they are very uncomfortable rivals.

Group F: A group led by one of the best teams in the world: Belgium. Trained by Bob Martínez, they have a well-worked project. Croatia reached the final of the 2018 World Cup, making them a tough and well-rounded opponent. Canada and Morocco conceded few goals in the pre-tournament stages.

Group G: Brazil is the main candidate to reach the final and win it. Serbia and Switzerland are awkward rivals and Cameroon is one of the youngest teams in the championship.

Group H: Portugal and Uruguay form a big clash to determine the leadership of Group H. They will try to beat Ghana and South Korea, two rivals, firstquite easy.

The groups of the World Cup in Qatar

The average age of the favorite teams of the World Cup in Qatar

The national teams of Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain and Germany are some of the main candidates to lift the title on December 18. Spain is the youngest team of these five giants, with an average of 25.6 years. Both Germany and France have an average age of 26.7 years. And that of the biggest favorite, Brazil, is 27.8 years. Argentinian players are slightly older, with an average age of 27.9 years.

Teams with the fewest goals scored in the preliminary stages of the World Cup in Qatar

The World Cup is a very short tournament where every mistake can severely penalize. That is why the teams usually show off in the defensive line and in the goal. These are the teams that conceded the fewest goals during the pre-World Cup stages in Qatar.

In the European zone, Switzerland, with only 2 goals against, was surprisingly the least beaten team during the preliminary stages of qualifying for the World Cup. It is followed by France, England and Denmark, who conceded 3. Germany and Croatia received 4 goals, and Spain 5.

As for the South American region, Brazil and Argentina, two of the big favourites, were the least beaten teams in the previous stages. The canarinha conceded 5 goals and Scaloni’s team conceded 8. In the North American conference, Canada was the strongest in defense, with 7 goals against. In Asia, South Korea (4 goals against) and Japan (6) proved to have the best defences. Finally, in Africa, Tunisia scored only 2, Morocco 3, Senegal and Ghana 4 and finally Cameroon 5.

The Spanish team, in the group of death of the World Cup in Qatar?

Let’s review Spain’s group, one of the most complicated in the World Cup. Luis Enrique’s team arrives at every World Cup match with interesting and world-class players. The requirement of the state team is maximum. However, in front will be Germany, one of the great favourites; Japan, which played a good role in the last World Cup in Russia, and Costa Rica, which had a complicated path to qualify for the World Cup. The groups from Belgium and Argentina are also some of the most powerful and showy.

Big absences from the World Cup

The big absentee, without a doubt, is Italy, the champion of the 2006 World Cup and the last European Championship. The most valuable player in the world, Erling Haaland, will also be missed. His team, Norway, could not qualify for the World Cup. On the part of the American continent, Chile and Colombia are two of the great teams that will not be present either.



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