“What a thigh!”: the women’s Volleyball Club Esplugues denounces sexist insults during a match

“Wow little thighs!”, or “when you get like that it makes me want to put it in you” are some of the phrases that the Esplugues Volleyball Club (Baix Llobregat) female heard last November 20 in a match of the youth category C against the Sandor Volleyball Club (both teams members of the 3rd female youth division). In this way, the Baix Llobregat club itself has denounced it in a statement denounce and condemn “acts of sexist violence”.

The match took place at the Sant Idelfons Municipal Sports Pavilion, in Cornellà de Llobregat. While the volleyball game was taking place, futsal players from AE Vallirana they were waiting for it to end to play their match, which was summoned in the same space. At one point, team members entered the track and began to “scolding, harassing and sexually harassing, and even verbally violating the players of the youth team“.

CV Esplugues players, young people between 14 and 17 years oldthey had to listen to sexist expressions during the match, “accompanied by gestures with clear sexual connotations“, among them phrases like “when they bend over I feel like…” or “when you get like that I feel like shoving it into you”.

The volleyball team also denounces that the improper behaviors were also suffered by one of its players with Down Syndrome, who had to listen as they yelled at her “look at the ears!” o “If she can do it, I can do it too“.

discomfort and malaise

During the game, faced with violent comments and verbal attacks, the youth team coach C del CV Esplugues requested explicit explanations from the same players and to the coach himself from AE Vallirana, “without any effect, quite the contrary, the comments became more intimidating towards the coach”.

The CV Esplugues players expressed their discomfort and malaise in the party visibly with “their cries and emotional complaints of pain”, affirms the sports club.

Take legal action

The sports entity has taken legal action of denunciation and protection in defense “of the players, of women’s sports and of a just and egalitarian society, regardless of gender or physical or mental condition”. In addition, it has been made available to the players a guidance, support and psychological care service for the players who have suffered these attacks.

For his part, he town hall of Esplugues He has also wanted to give public support to the players and has condemned the macho acts it’s a statement. The consistory has affirmed that it considers “the facts are very serious and he has made himself available to the CV Esplugues “for everything he needs”.



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