Well-stocked bleachers for the women’s basketball field

This Sunday, November 27, the Basket Club Vidourle Gallargues welcomed the Gard Basketball Committee to the Claude-Chappe College Sports Hall for a women’s U13 plateau of the Occitanie Development League.

It was in front of full stands that three teams competed: a Gard selection, another from Lozère and Aveyron, and Castelnau Basket (Hérault). In total, there were sixty passionate young sportswomen who were able to show all their talent.

Olivier Jamann, municipal elected official in charge of sports, indicated the importance of such gatherings in promoting women’s sport. The elected official also indicated that the objective of equality between men and women in the sports world “must be implemented as much in the conditions of access to the practice of sport, as those of the functions of management and supervision of sport or its media, economic and social valorization”.

In any case, the young girls present at Gallargues last weekend proved that they are just as worthy of interest as their male counterparts.

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