Wear a prosthetic leg for competition and run against the wind!Held a running workshop “2022 Blade Athlete Academy” by para athletes | News | Mitsubishi Chemical Group

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (hereinafter referred to as “our group”) held the 2022 Blade Athlete Academy, a running workshop for para-athletes including Atsushi Yamamoto, the Asian record holder for the men’s long jump (prosthetic leg T63). did.

In collaboration with para-athletes, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group manufactures carbon fiber used in prosthetic leg blades, and Challenge Co., Ltd., which is involved in the molding and processing of composite materials. It has achieved certain results, such as being worn when setting the Asian record at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

This was the second time the event was held, and nine amputees of various ages and backgrounds, including a 4-year-old child, participated under the refreshing autumn weather, and received guidance from para-athletes for two days. I was. Everyone uses a prosthetic leg in their daily life, but at first, they were very confused about wearing a prosthetic leg for competition for the first time. A para-athlete gave me detailed instructions on how to use my trunk and the characteristics of the prosthetic leg for competition. And at the end of the program, I ran a distance of about 100m.

From the participants, “It felt good to run against the wind after a long time.” By systematically learning from para-athletes, I was able to better understand how to use my body,” and “I want to continue playing sports with a prosthetic leg for competitions in the future.”

Ms. Yamamoto said, “My life has been enriched since I came across a prosthesis for competition.

[Implementation Guidelines]
Schedule: November 5th (Saturday) ~ 6th (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Osaka Prefectural Exchange Promotion Center for Persons with Disabilities Fine Plaza Osaka
Contents: Para-athlete running seminar for lower limb amputees (9 people)
(Replacement of prosthetic leg blades, walking practice, basic movements required for running, 100m sprint, etc.)
Atsushi Yamamoto (Affiliation: Shin Nihon Jusetsu Co., Ltd.)
2019 World Para Athletics Games (long jump T63) bronze medal, Tokyo 2020 Paralympics (long jump T63) 4th place
Junta Kosuda (Affiliation: Open House Co., Ltd.)
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics (long jump T63) 7th place
Kaede Maekawa (Affiliation: Shin Nihon Jusetsu Co., Ltd.)
2019 World Para Athletics Championships (Long Jump T63) 4th, Tokyo 2020 Paralympics (Long Jump T63) 5th
Koju Matayoshi Player (Affiliation: Zenrin DC)
2020 Japan Para Athletics Championships Long Jump (T64) Champion/New Asian Record

The Group will continue to aim to build a society in which more people can live in good health.

Group photo *Parathletes and participants have given us permission to use their photos.

Wearing a prosthetic leg for competition

I’m going to stack up training such as walking.

Challenge basketball on the second day

Finally, I ran the 100m course.



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