We pay more energy tax and fuel duty | Economy

Last year we paid more than 23 billion euros in environmental taxes, a billion more than in 2020. The proceeds are mainly due to the higher fuel excise duties and energy taxes that were collected, Statistics Netherlands reports Monday.

Fuel excise duties and energy taxes together accounted for an increase of 850 million euros. The air passenger tax that was introduced last year also contributed to the increase. Since then, all passengers departing from a Dutch airport have to pay an air passenger tax of 7.85 euros per flight. A total of 69 million euros in air passenger tax was collected.

The fuel excise raised 291 million euros more, an increase of 3.9 percent. In addition to the inflation correction to the rate, the increase is due to an increase in kilometers driven in the past year compared to 2020. Despite the increase, revenues in 2021 were not yet back to the level before the corona crisis.

Furthermore, 554 million euros more was collected in energy tax last year, an increase of 8.6 percent. This is partly due to higher natural gas consumption by homes. The average natural gas consumption of private households rose by 14.3 percent.


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