We need the best Pallacanestro Trieste to be examined by the Forum: courage and defense to hold up Milan

TRIESTE The word “impossible” in sport has no right of citizenship. We have to try. All time. And, as Carletto Fabbricatore witty ex of Trieste and Milan warned in these very columns yesterday, «never give up». Today, November 20, at 6 pm at the Assago Forum, a deux-ball between EA7 Armani Milano and Pallacanestro Trieste. The reigning Italian champions are scheduled to repeat the tricolor and make their way in the Euroleague against a team whose objective is salvation. Different rosters, resources and ambitions. But it was precisely at the Forum that the red and whites discovered not too long ago that the word “impossible” does not exist.

Pallacanestro Trieste was able to take advantage of the break to try to take another step forward in the growth of the group and in the reintegration of Alessandro Lever. For the South Tyrolean big man this is the real debut in the league given that up to now he had ended up on the bench only to allow ten players to be presented. This time, however, he will be able to spend at least a few minutes, especially if Skylar Spencer is not at the top. In the pre-match analysis entrusted by the club this time to assistant Andrea Vicenzutto «the ailments slowed us down a bit as both Campogrande and Spencer had to miss some training sessions». Lever’s recovery, although not yet in championship form, could put a patch on it since he’s going to strengthen the big players’ package, consequently allowing a different tactical use of Deangeli. Defensively, the captain seems the most credible to spend on the trail of the only former Trieste player on the parquet, Alviti. The other (and more important, with all due respect to the Lazio winger) is Stefano Tonut, out.

Trieste cannot estimate the perfect match with 16 out of 23 from three as in the history of January 2021 victory but it can certainly impose the approach with which to face Milan. Courage, a lot, and extreme defensive attention. He must know that he will have to try to stay under pressure and tense for 40 minutes. If she just had to start with a soft or – worse – resigned attitude, she would already condemn herself.

For statistics lovers, we would like to point out that today Gaines only needs three points to reach 1300 in Serie A, but the most intriguing reference is to the guard’s career high: 44 points with Cantù against Milan. Eight triples scored on 16 attempts. Today more than ever it will count to put it from 6.75.


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