We didn’t come just to get out of the group

It has already been reported that Croatia played a 0-0 (0-0) draw against Moroccan footballers on Wednesday.

“It was a very difficult game,” Modric said after the match. “I believe that in the course of the tournament we will play better and adopt an active playing style.”

The captain of the national team also emphasized that the Croatians can do much more than they showed in this match.

“We didn’t come here just to play and get out of the group,” said Modrić. “Taking into account the achievements in Russia, our goals are a little higher, but we cannot run ahead of events.”

In the 2018 World Cup, which took place in Russia, the Croatian national team reached the final, where they recognized the superiority of France by 2:4, ending the competition in second place.

“Even before the 2018 World Cup, we said that our main goal is to get out of the group. If we can do it, we will be a difficult opponent for any of the teams,” added the captain of the Croatian national team.

The Croatian footballers will play their next match against Canada on Sunday, and in the last match of subgroup F, they will meet Belgium on December 1.



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