Watch the shocking video of Hope Alone’s arrest with her children | football curiosities

Apparently the world champion on one occasion and runner-up with the United States has not been able to control herself. Hope Solo is back in the US news spotlights for a new arrest for driving with a very high blood alcohol level. Not days, months or years go by without the former goalkeeper who had an impressive career being in compromising news and the most curious thing, that she always has her children with her.

Hope Solo has had to live a very turbulent life. Well, when she was a girl, her father kidnapped her with the excuse that they were going on vacation to hide her from her mother. At six years old, she had negative experiences that marked her. And little by little, perhaps that was reaping a life model that was complicated and full of controversy. In 2014 she was arrested in Washington accused of two crimes against her own family. She was later released without much trouble.

But problems and controversies continue to surround the world champion in 2015 with the United States. On March 31, she was arrested again and resisted arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as child abuse with her own children putting them at risk on that night. The TMZ medium chillingly portrayed how that moment was lived inside her car when the authorities surrounded her.

Hope Solo pleaded guilty to what happened. Given her confession, she had her sentence reduced from two years to thirty days in a rehabilitation clinic.

Today, after confessing his problems with alcohol, he is a symbol of the fight against addictions. In the TZM video, they show how she was refusing arrest in the car mentioning that he was just taking a nap. When asked about his children, “they’re fine, we were just taking a nap.” He tripled the possible BAC. A truly chilling video that came to light.


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