Volunteer work helps ‘Family’ actor Jef De Smedt about divorce: “That’s how I found the courage to get out of bed every day”

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Family actor Jef De Smedt regularly helps Poverello. In Primo this week he talks about how that helps against the loneliness of his divorce.

Paul Demeyer

Jef De Smedt is better known as Jan Van den Bossche from the VTM series Family. The actor and his wife separated at the end of 2019. Shortly afterwards, corona broke out and Jef was alone all day. In that period he started as a volunteer at the aid organization Poverello. A friend had sent him here. “It is important to give something back to society,” says the actor.

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He says that after his divorce he was deeply in the pit. “Thanks to Poverello I still had something to do and I found the courage to get out of bed every day.”



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