Victor Wembanyama, the French basketball player who is destined to revolutionize the sport, already had an incredible physique at the age of 10

Victor Wembanyama is tall, very tall. And he always has been. At 18 years old, the basketball player is over 2.20m, but at 10 years old he was by far the most impressive 6th grade player in the world. We found out through an interview with l’Éteam that this player from Chesnay, a town on the outskirts of Paris, He was already approaching 2 meters when he entered the institute. When the journalist told him that, at the age of 10, he was already over 1.90 m tall, the young man replied: “I was several heads taller than everyone else. However, I have always tried not to differentiate myself or consider that my height makes me different”. An extraordinary physique that gives him many advantages. On the pitch, he is considered “indefensible. At 2.21 meters tall, the 18-year-old can take shots without risking attack and protect the box effectively.

But the Metropolis 92 winger — whom he often they compare it with Arvydas Sabonis and everything indicates that he will outshine other NBA stars like Stephen Curry o LeBron James he never resorted to his inches to dominate. He always wanted to learn like his teammates and not receive any special treatment, even if the basket was easier to reach for this new rising star of French basketball. “I tried to start on equal terms and then improve by working as if I were a player of average height. Since I was 10 years old, I have tried to be able do it all on the court. Look at the videos, you will see me making plays from end to end of the court, scoring from under the hoop”, Victor Wembanyama told the ‘Crew. Thanks to his extraordinary physique and his performances on the court —where displays unusual talent for scoring, rebounding and blocking—, the French basketball player does not leave indifferent the NBA. Announced as the future first pick of the 2023 Draftis considered by some to be the best prospect ever.

This article was originally published on the French version of GQ.



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