Two bronze medals for the Judo Club St.Gallen_Gossau

Ivan started the tournament strong and won the fight after 3 minutes with a full score. Unfortunately, the draw brought Ivan the anticipated final against his long-time rival Silvano Cori from Morges as his next opponent. Ivan dueled against him several times this year and has always had to admit defeat. Ivan showed himself stronger compared to the last fights and knocked Cori off balance several times. Unfortunately, in his active fighting stance, some actions were not carried out properly, which the referee interpreted as mock attacks. The fight went into overtime and there Ivan grabbed the opponent’s leg in one action, resulting in an additional penalty and a very close defeat. So the only thing left for him to do was to go into the hopefuls and aim for 3rd place.

After the hard decision in the semifinals, he was able to refocus and clearly beat his opponent Canal from Wetzikon, which means his first medal at the Swiss Individual Championships, and that as a 14-year-old in the U18 category. Shadee Bold fought in the U18 category on Saturday and the U21 category on Sunday. Especially in her traditional age category U18 she showed a good competition and was able to fight her way up to the fight for 3rd place against Zünd from Weinfelden. Unfortunately, she had to admit defeat there and is therefore a good 5th. On Sunday she started in the next age category, but after 1 win and 2 defeats she had to make do with a good 7th place despite her courageous effort. Spencer Reichardt also intervened in the U21 -55kg category on Sunday.

He too is actually still a fighter in the U18 age category. After a win against Morin from Attalens and a narrow defeat against Cattin from Romont he was fighting for 3rd place. There he met Kyane Milleret from Morges. Both fighters were able to score half a point each and the fight was extremely close. In the end, Spencer managed the decisive scoring. He also secured the bronze medal. Regine Garcia has decided, in addition to coaching our judokas, to take part in the category women over 30 this year. She fought courageously and with a lot of commitment and still had to accept three defeats.

With Ivan Giorgjev, Til Schwarz and Azita Bold, three of our young judokas were in action again on Sunday in the team competition for the cantonal squad SG-TG-AR. There, after three preliminary round fights (2 wins and 1 loss), our cantonal squad was able to qualify for the final against Team Vaud. Unfortunately, our cantonal squad had to admit defeat here, which only briefly spoiled the joy of winning the silver medal. The Judo Club St.Gallen_Gossau congratulates all its competitors on their performance.



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