Tribute to Diego in Qatar with the world champions of 78 and 86

Two years after Diego, the tributes could not be missing. Maradona “is always present” was the coincidence and the memory of all those who joined the celebration that Conmebol put together at its headquarters in the Souq Waqif in Qatar.

FIllol, Larrosa, Villa, Kempes, Bertoni, Tarantini, Pumpido, Tapia, Bochini, Batista, Burruchaga, Ruggeri, Giusti, Valdano and Negro Enrique, champions of 78 and 86 were arriving and quickly put on a shirt with the image of Diego. Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, was receiving them while they wait, together with Chiqui Tapia, for the arrival of Infantino.

Media from all over the world, fans who walked by and others who had found out about the movement, began to take over the place. Infantino first visited the Dream of trees (The tree of dreams) as the Conmebol headquarters is called, chatted informally with Bertoni, Fillol and Tarantini and then it was time for words.

“I am Italian and from Inter. I am neither Argentine nor from Napoli… But how we love Diego. He is my idol and I was very happy that we could have recovered our relationship with him, having shared the World Cup in Russia. It is really an honor to be with all these champions remembering it. What’s more, I ask that this tribute to Maradona be from now on in all the World Cups”said the FIFA president.

Valdano was in charge of saying a few words on behalf of those from 86. “Diego belongs to all of us. The 86 players had the privilege of having shared his most glorious moment with him. One thought that after the game with Uruguay in the round of 16 final and as if everything were predetermined he did his best against England. Legends get richer with time, they don’t get weaker. And Diego is more than a legend, he is a myth”.

In addition to the champions, symbols of the Argentine National Team such as José Pekerman, Juampi Sorin, Cholo Simeone and Javier Zanetti, among others, were also present. “Talking about Diego is easy. Inside the field there is not much to say. But outside, it was not necessary to call him or see him often. It was even better. He always appeared and was there. Hopefully God is playing with him”, was the closing with Tarantini’s words

Video a video

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