Trastevere on top, triumphs 2-0 with Notaresco

NewTuscia – ROME – Seventh consecutive useful result for Trastevere which rules the Notaresco in English and regains the top of the standings. Cioci lined up Semprini between the posts with Cervoni, Berardi, Santovito and Lo Porto making up the defense line. On the median, on the sides of Massimo, Briatico and Crescenzo. Usual trident with central Alonzi, Bertoldi and Tortolano on the wings. The first ring comes in the 2nd minute with Tortolano who triggers Santovito on a free kick, good at finding the winning touch for the 1-0. The rossoblù’s response comes in the 4th minute with Semprini keeping good watch over Badan.

In the 8th minute it was again the rossoblù who made themselves dangerous with Kuqi. In the 22nd minute Lo Porto went high over the crossbar from a free-kick from a right-footed out. In the 43rd minute Shiba denies the joy of Alonzi’s goal. In the second half, Alonzi led the counterattack in the 53rd minute with Tortolano grazing the crossbar from twenty meters away. In the 65th minute a shot on the side by Notaresco generates protests from the hosts who demand a touch of the hand in the penalty area by an amaranth defender. Notaresco still dangerous in the 68th minute with Pulsoni taking the crossbar, thanks to a detour. In the 76th minute Trastevere also claimed a penalty, with Alonzi falling in the area but Recovery let play. In the 80th minute Bertoldi tries the diagonal that goes wide. The Trastevere doubling arrives in the 84th minute with Alonzi, who heads higher than all and signs the final 2-0. A minute later, Semprini seals the result with a real prowess on Pulsoni’s close shot. It ends 2-0, as in the past season and Cioci’s team goes to the derby against New Florida next Sunday as leaders.

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