Trail of 16 thefts in Ferrara, two people arrested

A 31-year-old of Moldovan origin and a 33-year-old of Ukrainian origin, both with precedents, were joined in the morning by as many precautionary measures in prison issued at the end of the police and carabinieri checks in a wake of thefts, especially from commercial establishments, committed in Ferrara in the past months. In particular, 13 shots were attributed to the 31-year-old, between attempted and completed. And to both suspects, two other thefts in addition to the one attempted at the post office in via Krasnodar last June 19th. The total thus amounts to 16.
The investigative turning point had come last summer when the soldiers of the operations section had noticed two people buying a dose of drugs in the city: the subsequent attempt to get rid of the drug was in vain. During the house search, the carabinieri had therefore identified a baseball cap with iridescent colors already noticed in the images of the assault on the post office on Krasnodar street: on that occasion a criminal, wearing the same cap and armed with a pickaxe, after breaking through a window he had tried in vain to open the safe and finally escaped empty-handed.
In the same period, the Este Mobile team was investigating a series of thefts from commercial establishments in which those who had taken action had proved to be particularly agile, managing, for example in the case of a pizzeria, to pass through a transom window. The results of the forensic analysis and the activity carried out in collaboration with the Arma finally allowed the investigators to arrive at the name of the two men now in prison due to the measure issued by the investigating magistrate at the request of the prosecutor. (HANDLE).



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