Trade to the Lakers? LeBron James’ targeted like that ignites everyone!

Since the first game of the season, Lakers fans beg Rob Pelinka to set up a trade to improve the squad. LeBron James has also expressed his desire to see change, and he has just added a layer of it on social networks by liking a targeted message.

The Lakers have shown some good things in recent days, including the return to the forefront ofAnthony Davis, but the results remain far from expectations at the start of the season. With a record of 5 wins for 11 losses, the men of Darvin Ham vegetate in the penultimate place of the Western Conference, so the road will be long until the playoffs.

In fact, the observation remains the same among many fans and many observers: Rob Pelinka must make a trade as soon as possible to fill the obvious gaps in the workforce. Whether Russell Westbrook is quite satisfactory since coming off the bench, he is clearly no longer a player capable of making a difference in the title race, so his departure would not necessarily be detrimental for the Purple and Gold.

LeBron James likes a Myles Turner video!

Et LeBron James made it clear to its leaders that it was for change with a rather daring comment in the media. He has just added a layer on social networks, by putting a like on the viral video of a Lakers target. The Myles Turner track should heat up in the next few days:

LeBron James is particularly active on social networks, and he knows that all his actions are watched by fans. This like is therefore not insignificant, the King was perhaps trying to send a message to his leaders by reminding them how much he appreciated the profile of Myles Turner. It must be said that it has been a long time since Lakers fans have seen such action at the Arena.

LeBron James loves Myles Turner, he knows that the arrival of a pivot could totally free Anthony Davis and propel the Lakers into another dimension, so he will not stop the innuendos to his leaders. It remains to be seen whether Rob Pelinka will listen to him.



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