Top 14: Overthrown at home, Stade Français misses out on its match against Toulon

Was it the first frosts of winter that cooled the Jean-Bouin stadium in Paris and disturbed the players? This clash announced between Stade Français and RC Toulon in any case looked more like a parody of board sports. A festival of falling balls and uncontrolled skids, an incalculable number of forwards… The 11,225 spectators who braved the cold for this match were not rewarded. Players from both sides did little honor to legend Christophe Dominici, to whom this match was dedicated two years after his death. A sober tribute at the start of the match, with a clip of Domi’s exploits and his portrait displayed on the lawn at the players’ entrance.

The first round of this Dominici trophy between Paris and the RCT (before the return match at Mayol in April) came down to restrictive and approximate rugby between two teams lacking rhythm and benchmarks after the two-week international break. And in this back-to-school match, it was the internationals who did a little better, like Ollivon precious in the air on the Toulon side and Macalou in the Parisian ranks. But it was very little. The opening half Joris Segonds was just responsible for converting the Toulon fouls on foot (9-0 at halftime). Not enough to warm up despite a shy ola in the audience.

A defensive bonus, small consolation

And it was finally quite logically from the Var that the long-awaited heat stroke came. The men of Pierre Mignoni and Franck Azéma, who recorded the return of international winger Gabin Villière, put their heads back in place after returning from the locker room. The Toulon pack got the better of the surprisingly amorphous Parisians. By dint of percussion and direct play, the RCT ended up beating the Soldats Roses, sending their strong men Gigashvili and Isa behind the line. In ten minutes, the match was reversed (9-17, 68th). The many Toulonnais in the audience, from Paris and elsewhere, could growl with pleasure and sing a Pilou Pilou like at home.

For Paris, on the other hand, the Jean-Bouin stadium is no longer impregnable. Defeated for the first time at home this season, especially with very disturbing content, Stade Français, 2nd in the Top 14 at kick-off, fell into line. The defensive bonus collected at the mermaid on a final penalty from Segonds is only a very meager consolation. And the arrival next Saturday in Paris from La Rochelle, which passed more than 50 points in Castres earlier in the afternoon (53-7), is not likely to reassure the men of Gonzalo Quesada.


French Stadium – Toulon 12-17

(Halftime: 9-0)

Stade Français: 3 penalties (Segonds 3rd, 14th, 30th, 80th).

Toulon: 2 tries (Gigashvili 56th, Isa 67th). 1 transformation (Serin 57e, 68e). 1 penalty (Serin 62nd).



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