too much waste for Stade Bordelais near Bourges

For his return to Berry, he was the former physical trainer of Châteauroux, the technician saw his team wanting to play at the start of the match. Too much… “We were a little too playful and we gave them two or three situations which they took advantage of to score”, regretted the coach. After scratching a ball at the feet of Gasparotto 40m from the Girondin goal, the Berruyer striker Sene shifted Fofana to the right who armed a shot repelled by Loustallot at the feet of… Sene, who scored in the empty goal on the first chance of the game (1-0, 12e).

This same Sene could have doubled the bet for the BF18. But his uncrossed head first touched the post (20e), then he was signaled in an offside position when he victoriously took back a shot from Sanson who had hit the bar (55e). And on the Bordeaux side? Not much, except from a set piece, with a header from Tchoutang from a corner which was saved on his line by Shiashia (33e), then a mess, again on a corner, which could have benefited Abonckelet (45e).



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