Tomljanovic explains the Netflix documentary on tennis

It’s 2022 and big sports organizations are looking for new methods to attract a certain audience. ATP y WTA They are no less, as is logical: they seek ways to create an attractive product for current generations, knowing that there are new ways of accessing their content and new market demands. That is why the world tennis bosses got to work and, in their efforts to find solutions, repeated the formula of other sports, especially Formula 1: make a docuseries that will be broadcast on Netflix that will show the day to day of several players of the circuit.

Ajla Tomljanovic has been one of the players followed by cameras throughout this 2022, with full access to moments and situations that the general public cannot see. After debuting with victory in the Billie Jean King Cup Finals Before the Slovakian Anna-Karolina Schmiedlova, the oceanic spoke at length, among other topics, about this situation: how she has felt being recorded in personal moments, what she expects from the documentary and if she considers that it will hook the public.

Being followed and recorded by a team of professionals

“When this opportunity came up, I thought long and hard about it. I think this kind of thing only works if you’re honest, if it’s 100% you. That’s why I had to think about it a lot, because I felt like I was giving so much access to the cameras. We’ll see, I’ve had a great time, I think it’s fun for people to see that the track isn’t rosy all the time, and there’s so much going on behind the lights that people can’t see, we just Come on the court and when we leave I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for both the tennis fan and the non-tennis fan to see us in action.

Is there a connection between his great results in 2022 and being part of the docuseries?

“What if my results are for Netflix? (laughs) No. At no time did I think when I was winning, I don’t know, that this was going to look great on Netflix. It’s just a bonus, it’s great. Maybe there are people who have felt it , if it has become a motivation, great. I did think that maybe if I didn’t sign a great tournament where I would have stood out, it is possible that the cameras would not be able to capture any outstanding moment, of those that you underline. At the same time, I began to playing tennis long before Netflix was here. My goals and dreams are much bigger than that, but it’s great that they’ve captured some of my good times this season.”

A fantastic second half of 2022

“A lot of things have worked. If I had to single out one thing, it would be where my head is in my life right now. That translates to the court. I’m happy. Tennis is fun again for me. Even when I lose I’m able to find happiness, that’s what tennis should be about. I lost it for a while, about a year. But hey, it happens. I accept it. We love what we do, but the hard times will be there and the positive thing is that I was able to solve them. Maybe they will come again soon, and the important thing will be to learn to be better at solving them”.

Australia, a united team that wants the BJK Cup

“We have a very good team spirit. Sports are loved in our country, we love team tournaments, the spirit of camaraderie. I think many of our players grow up in this environment. Being part of a team like this makes want to win a little more. When I played this competition in Perth for the first time I never thought these weeks meant so much to me. I give credit to the team and in general to the whole country.”


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