Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Silver Medalist Leo Fujimoto’s Secrets for “Nutritional Support” and “Meal” to Support Physical Building | Sports Nutrition Web[Japan Sports Nutrition Association (SNDJ) Official Information Site]

In May 2022, a webinar hosted by Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and sponsored by the Japan Sports Nutrition Association (SNDJ) held with Tokyo 2020 Paralympic wheelchair basketball silver medalist Leo Fujimoto. “Energy Management” was a very popular seminar with more than 1,000 participants.

After participating in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Fujimoto transferred to “RSV Lahn-Dill”, which belongs to the German Bundesliga, one of the top European clubs, and contributed to the team’s victory in the German Bundesliga 2021-2022 Season Champion League. In the first half of this season, which starts in September 2022, there are only two official games left, and so far they have won all the games.

In this seminar, together with Shihoko Suzuki, chairman of SNDJ, who has been providing nutritional support for Mr. Fujimoto for many years, while looking back on how he has been building his body from his diet, Mr. Fujimoto’s wife Yu Everyone was impressed by the splendor of home cooking. I want you to tell me the recipe in the audience survey! A lot of voices were sent. Therefore, this time, we will deliver a special edition that introduces the state of eating habits and recipes of menus that have been requested a lot!

In addition, on November 26th (Saturday) this weekend, a Japanese confrontation will be held in a friendly match with the “Köln 99ers” to which Kei Akita, who was with the Japanese national team, belongs to. The Bundesliga is also available for live streaming and streaming, so please check it out.

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Shihoko Juku 2022 Second Semester

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