Toast, quarrel with diving gun and baseball bat: reported

TOAST – They fight holding a diving gun and a baseball bat: reported. The activity of prevention and repression of crimes in general and of the territorial control services ordered by the police commissioner of Brindisi, Annino Gargano, saw, yesterday (Friday 11 November), the patrols of the Upgsp Volanti section intervene in a parking of a supermarket in the Commenda district of Brindisi following a dispute that broke out for futile reasons.

Two motorists have given rise to a heated discussion during which one of the two objected to the other to leave the waste arbitrarily in containers belonging to a building other than the one in which he lives. The tones have intensified to the point that the first of the two men took up a diving rifle that he carried with him in the cockpit of his car while the other, without hesitation, took up a baseball bat kept in the cockpit of his car .

Before the thing degenerated further, the man holding the baseball bat would have tried to get away, while the other, without starting the spear of the diving rifle, would have “staked” with the tip of the same harness the rear window of the car of his contender shattering him.

After a few minutes, a police car arrived on the spot and immediately tracked down the man who had held the baseball bat, but not the one who had shattered the rear window as he had gone away.

The investigations carried out by the police then made it possible to trace the other protagonist of this story who risked ending in tragedy and, after having reconstructed the dynamics of the facts, both “litigants” were reported in a state of freedom for abusive port of objects capable of offending; the crimes of aggravated damage and aggravated threats were also charged to the man who had used the diving rifle.

Both the diving gun and the baseball bat were seized to be made available to the judicial authorities.


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