TIP – Framber Valdez urges children to study and play sports

With six countries and recognition of the left-handed starting pitcher Framber Valdez, of the Houston Astros, the Pimentel International Baseball Classic and the Internal Invitational Tournament were inaugurated on the occasion of the XXVII anniversary of the institution of the Academy Pimentel Prospect League, at the complex of the entity located in Mamón de Guerra, San Isidro.

The colorful act included the parade of the delegations of Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Colombia and the hosts of the Dominican Republic to the beat of the music band of the Fuera Aéra Dominicana. As well as with the song to the homeland of each of the participating countries and the blessing to the Almighty.

The leader Cristian Pimentel, president of the organizing institution, expressed his delight at the presence of the aforementioned countries that will compete for a week in the international event that brings together talented young prospects eligible for 2022, 2023, and 2024, respectively.

He pointed out that the classic is a dream that he always wanted to materialize and that with the opening of it it becomes a reality. “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to see his great project come true.”

He clarified that the purpose of the fair is for the prospects of the countries present to be monitored by scouts from the 30 organized baseball organizations in the United States.

Plaques were then delivered to pitcher Framber Valdez, of the Houston Astros and Aguilas Cibaeñas, as well as to Fernando Geraldino, executive of Seaboard Energía Limpia, on behalf of Armando Rodríguez, executive director of the company, for his great contributions to Dominican society, and very special to sport.

“I want to thank the Academy Prospect Liga Pimentel for their gesture, headed by Mr. Cristian Pimentel, for taking me into account for this recognition, which I accept with great humility,” said pitcher Framber Valdez upon receiving the plaque.

Likewise, Valdez urged children to study and respect their parents.

“First they must study and take their parents with them, since not all of them will become baseball players, but if they study there is no doubt that they will be professionals,” said Valdez, one of the key starting pitchers in the conquest of the World Series by the Astros. of Houston.

For his part, Fernando Geraldino, on behalf of Armando Rodríguez, thanked the Academy Pimentel Prospect League, in the person of its president Cristian Pimentel, for the tribute paid to his representative.

He explained that for the Seabord company, social responsibility is nothing more than contributing a grain of sand for the development of a more dignified and fair society for all.

The manager Fraile Longoria, from Mexico, spoke on behalf of the countries present, where he congratulated Cristian Pimentel and his work team for organizing such a great event that brings together prospective baseball players from 13 to 16 years of age.

Roberto Neris, in charge of Sports of the Santo Domingo Province City Council, also spoke, who highlighted the work that the Pimentel Academy carries out for the benefit of children and young people.

The engineer Federico-Món-Rosario, Colonel Pablo Ubiera Ortiz, among other personalities, also attended.


On the first day of the tournament, Mexico defeated Guatemala in sudden death 7-6. In that same order, Puerto Rico disposed of Mexico, and the Dominican Republic disposed of Colombia.



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