Three-month sanction for a Zarautz rower after testing positive for the Camargo Flag

The ‘Enbata’ from Zarautz finished ARC 1 in fifth position.

The detected product is included in the group called S6 stimulants and is considered a ‘substance of abuse’

Cases of doping in the world of rowing are few, but they do exist. The last one was detected this summer in one of the routine anti-doping controls carried out by the Cantabrian Rowing Association, specifically in the Bandera de Camargo – ARC 1 League regatta held on July 30. A rower from Zarautz tested positive “for an alleged use of social drugs and not for the consumption of substances that could be used to increase sports performance illegally,” said officials of the Gipuzkoan entity through a statement.

The club has acted with a firm hand as soon as it became aware of the case. In fact, the rower in question has been removed from the ‘Enbata’ and its leaders have shown their “absolute rejection of any action by athletes who, beyond sports practice, consume substances in any context or situation that could lead to commission of a doping rule violation.

The product detected in the athlete’s physiological sample is included in the group called S6 stimulants and is considered a ‘substance of abuse’ – cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, cannabis. For this reason, the Disciplinary Judge of the Cantabrian Rowing Association has imposed on the rower, who was completing his first campaign in Zarautz, a sanction of three months of disqualification from taking part in the tests organized by this entity. The period for the fulfillment of the punishment will compute from the celebration of the first regatta of the ARC the next campaign. The ‘Enbata’ from Zaragoza finished the ARC 1 League last summer in fifth position.



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