This is how the Haitian team would look like in the World Classic

It seems like a big secret to complicity the large number of players of Haitian origin in organized baseballMany even achieved stardom in the big leagues, but their roots don’t get due credit.

However, it will not take long for the Haitian roots of many of our players and Haiti as a great supplier of talent to Creole baseball especially when progress continues in the call and formation of the Haitian National Baseball Team. As it happens with other countries when in their beginnings they must scrutinize the origins and ancestors of current professional baseball players to incorporate them and they can represent the countries of their ancestors.

For Haiti it will be necessary to delve into the Dominican Republic to recruit the Haitian descendantsyoung talents, to participate in an eventual appearance in World Baseball Classic.

Los bateyes in the Dominican Republicas in those of the provinces of San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, Haina, Nizao, Boca Chica and Barahona have been producers of Haitian players, although little is mentioned about its origins from the neighboring island. In fact, its roots have been shunned or hidden from major league teams.

Haiti does not have a large history in the world of baseballbut it is a mistake not to recognize them as a notable producer of good players. Of course, this thanks to Dominican Republic, which is a huge world power in the ball.

Haiti is not a land only for excellent soccer players, also their blood children established in Quisqueya, have excelled as great runners and fielders, although the weakness they have had has been pitchers and catchers.

Haiti should have had good baseball players without the help of the Dominican. It was the Caribbean country where the war lasted the longest. american occupation from 1914 to 1934. Where American invaded baseball became the favorite past time. However, in Haiti it has been different. It is the only country occupied by the United States Marines, which has resisted baseball. Perhaps because of the same rejection and political resistance extended to the iconic American sport.

For this reason, a large majority of the Haitian people reject the ball and feel proud to be different from Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico; thing that has given way to Haiti does not claim its blood sons in baseball are only claimed by the Dominicans (only in Duarte’s homeland they prefer to put aside the roots of these players) and for what it has taken for their selection to become a reality.

Baseball is not popular in Haiti, but at least one million people with Haitian roots live in the Dominican Republic, where this sport is ubiquitous.

However, day by day more and more players of Haitian origin. Not even these circumstances have been able to stop many of the descendants develop talent and ability to play in the Dominican Republic. They have even managed to reach the highest level of the Major Leagues.

The Dominican Republic is the most prolific exporter of baseball players from which teams from the main leagues in the world, MLB, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, are fed.

It is time for Haiti to be recognized the merits of being the origin of outstanding players molded in the Dominican baseball fields.

Players of Haitian descent wear their pride, in most cases more like Dominicans that as defenders of their origins, but that will turn once it is concrete Haiti in the World Baseball Classic.

Since Alberto Lois to Miguel Sanóincluded Tony Fernandezgoing by Alfonso SorianoDominican baseball players of Haitian descent have shone in the Majors.

It is necessary to delve into the origins of so many outstanding Dominican stars in their teams Major League Baseball for form an excellent Haitian team.



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