This 2022 World Cup advertisement is criticized, judged to have no empathy


There was an advert themed for the 2022 World Cup which was completely condemned. The show was judged to have no empathy after the many deaths from immigrant workers fell in Qatar.

Launching the Daily Mail, the Dutch supermarket, Jumbo, released a commercial ad for television. In its advertisement, Jumbo was criticized.

The reason is, Jumbo features construction workers for the 2022 World Cup singing and dancing in the middle of a building project. It is considered to have no empathy.

Previously, there were many reports about the plight of immigrant workers in Qatar. According to a Guardian investigation, around 6,500 migrant workers died in preparation for the 2022 World Cup venues.

The reason is workers who are not treated properly. Many of the workers are reportedly not paid until they are given proper places to rest, including shelter to escape the hot sun in Qatar.

On that basis, Qatar has been criticized until now, even though the 2022 World Cup will be held on 20 November. Not only from the fans, several players and teams also voiced their protests.

Jumbo’s 2022 World Cup-themed ad, which had circulated on Youtube, was finally removed. Several human rights organizations called the ad a disgrace.

“This is a shameful and insulting advertisement,” Jan Kooy of Human Rights Watch told Dutch website NOS.

Meanwhile, Ruud Bosgraaf, a spokesman for Amnesty International, said the advertisement was unwise and untrue.

“Jumbo is being snuffed out on social media. This ad comes back to them like a boomerang. It’s a bit insensitive,” he said.

“The video was shared this morning on our Qatar group app. Very unwise from Jumbo, the company doesn’t look at reality,” he said.

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