Third-date matches that will not be seen on open TV in Colombia

Tuesday begins the last date of the group stage of the World Cup Qatar 2022in which the teams that qualify for the round of 16 will be defined. The tournament has been too even and that is why many teams will arrive on that third day with the possibility of advancing to the next round.

For this date, Fifa schedules matches of the same group at the same times, so that no team has an advantage when knowing the result of their rivals or rigs the score of their game. This makes it difficult for fans to see in detail what happens in each of the matches.

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However, there is another reality. Colombian open television channels, Snail y RCN, they cannot broadcast the 64 World Cup matches. They only have access to 32 games. This means that, from the third date of the group stage, there will be several great games that will not be broadcast through their signals.

The only channel that has the exclusivity for broadcasting all matches is Directv Sports.

Of the 16 games that will be played for the last date of the group stage of Qatar 2022, Caracol and RCN will only broadcast five. Several great matches will not be able to be seen on open television in Colombia.

Matches of the last date of the World Cup group stage that will not be broadcast on Caracol or on RCN

In Colombia, the definition of groups A, C and F will not be able to be seen by open signal, neither of the two matches that will be played in those areas. This means that, for example, the decisive Argentina vs. Poland, which will be played on Wednesday, November 30 at 2:00 pm, will not be available to many Colombians.

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Next, the complete list of all the parties of the last date of the group stage of World Cup Qatar 2022 that cannot be seen by Caracol or RCN:

  • Ecuador vs. Senegal
  • Netherlands vs. Qatar
  • Iran vs. USA
  • Australia vs. Denmark
  • Polonia vs. Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico
  • Croatia vs. Belgium
  • Canada vs. Morocco
  • Costa Rica vs. Germany
  • South Korea vs. Portugal
  • Camerun vs. Brazil

So things, The matches that will be broadcast on those channels are:

  • Wales vs. England
  • Tunisia vs. France
  • Japan vs. Spain
  • Ghana vs. Uruguay
  • Serbia vs. Suiza


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