These are 2 Locations of the 2022 AFF Cup Senior National Team TC While in Bali, FIFA Standard

Sunday, November 27 2022 – 10:09 WIB

The location of the Bali United training ground at Purnama Beach, Gianyar seen from the air. The FIFA standard field has been completed, and is ready to be used for the Indonesian National Team TC. Photo:

bali.jpnn.comGIANYAR – 28 Indonesian national team players are preparing to take part in the training center (TC) projected for the 2022 AFF Cup in Bali.

There are Bali United goalkeepers Nadeo Argawinata, Elkan Baggott, Marc Klok, Egy Maulana Vikri, Witan Sulaiman, Pratama Arhan to naturalized duo Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh who will take part in TC in Bali.

“The Indonesian national team started preparations for the 2022 AFF Cup in Bali on November 28.

Later, as soon as the first match on December 23 is approaching, we will move to Jakarta for practice,” PSSI chairman Mochamad Iriawan said as quoted from the PSSI website.

There are two locations chosen by PSSI for the Senior National Team TC, namely the Captain Dipta Gianyar Stadium and the Purnama Beach training ground.

The Purnama Beach training ground has the best facilities to support the training needs of the Garuda squad.

Even though it is still under construction, this training ground area has three large fields that are ready for use.

The Bali United Youth team regularly trains together above it with a view of Purnama Beach, Gianyar.

These are the two locations for the 2022 AFF Cup Senior National Team TC While in Bali, the Captain Dipta Stadium and the Purnama Beach Training Ground, FIFA standard

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