“There’s something strange about the new Yamaha engine…” said Fabio Quartararo

Viewed: 8,400 – Caakkk… As you know, all MotoGP riders have tested their motorbikes at the Valencia test. One of them is the main factory Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo, who has tested the 2023 YZR-M1. Yup, the Valencia test helps riders adjust to the new engine that will be used next season. Moreover, there have been many changes in the MotoGP racer lineup, and they have to adapt to new motorbikes that are different from before…

Fabio Quartararo, who still remains at the Yamaha factory, has tested the performance of the 2023 YZR-M1. But unfortunately, he is not happy with the performance of his motorbike, Cak. According to his statement, the latest 2023 engine has not changed in terms of power, alias the same as before. In fact, he was annoyed because there was no change whatsoever. Quartararo has attempted to slipstream with Morbidelli but, unfortunately, is still lagging behind other manufacturers…

“I was surprised by this machine. This machine should have stronger power than during the races at Misano and Barcelona. The top speed is the same as in the last two Grands Prix, we need to understand what happened, because something went wrong. Personally I’m annoyed, considering that in other tests I felt some progress, whereas in the Valencia test there were no changes. Morbidelli and I have helped each other with slipstream, but we are still lagging behind other manufacturers,” said Fabio Quartararo via Motosan. Even though he was lagging behind in terms of power, Quartararo was a little relieved because he felt positive things from the aerodynamics side. Nevertheless, he hopes that the power of the motor can increase more …

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“The aerodynamic improvements give me a good feeling. It’s hard to judge so quickly, but I don’t feel any worse than usual. With the new advancements in aerodynamics, the front wheel doesn’t lift much when accelerating, although I do wonder if this aerodynamics package cost us top speed or not. The engine must have more power. Compared to what I tried in the Jerez test, I haven’t seen the progress I expected. I’m not devastated because there are still positive aspects, but we have to work hard to overcome everything, “concluded Fabio Quartararo….(RA iwb)


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