There’s a Gay Couple in the Swiss National Team Video for the 2022 World Cup


The Swiss national team shows siding with the LGBTQ group. The Nati featuring a gay couple in their squad announcement video for the 2022 World Cup.

Switzerland released the squad list that will be taken to the 2022 World Cup, Thursday (10/11/2022) night WIB. The selected names were announced through videos uploaded on social media.

The video shows a number of Swiss jerseys bearing the names of players such as Manuel Akanji and Granit Xhaka. The Swiss national team also highlighted the importance of diversity in their team.

One of the video scenes shows a gay couple wearing a Swiss national team jersey. The two middle-aged men seemed to be holding hands tightly.

The upload of the Swiss national team video comes just days after controversial comments made by the 2022 World Cup ambassador, Khalid Salman. He forbids homosexuality which he considers a deviation.

The spokesman for the Swiss Football Association (ASS-SVF), Adrian Arnold, criticized Salman’s statement. It has confirmed that it will participate in the One Love campaign, where team captain Granit Xhaka will wear the rainbow armband at the 2022 World Cup.

“They are painful, inappropriate and completely inconsistent with the code of values ​​we have at ASS-SVF. We have always had those values ​​in Switzerland,” Arnold said. The Sun.

“We always try to make our statements as well as campaign for them, together with the human rights workers group founded by our President. With a clear demand to all involved that equal rights should apply to everyone – around the world, including in the United States. Qatar, regardless of one’s political, religious or sexual orientation.”

“We have decided together with the players that we will wear the One Love armband, Granit Xhaka will wear it for World Cup matches as a signal that equal rights must apply to everyone in the world – regardless of their political, religious or sexual orientation. ,” said Arnold.

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