The works of the new Puerto Piray Sports Center will be completed by the first half of next year

After 15 years, the province of Misiones received judokas from all over the country to compete in the municipality of Puerto Piray in the National Closing Judo Tournament 2022. The competition, organized by the Misionera Judo Federation in conjunction with the local Municipality, featured the support of the provincial government in one more bet to promote the missionary sport. Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad witnessed the competition and spoke with the delegations that competed until this Sunday at the municipal sports center.

The president highlighted the management of the mayor Mirtha Lezcano at the head of the municipality and highlighted the town as “an epicenter that has recently hosted major sporting events. It is a municipality in the interior of the province that clearly reflects the will to sustain sport as a flag of growth, development and added value for the peoples, “she said. In turn, he remarked that the city has everything available to organize highly competitive events.

“I always say that there are no small towns and there are no large towns, because each population has its strength,” he emphasized, adding that Puerto Piray has sports references in all parts of Argentina, excelling in different disciplines. “That also has to do with the vision of a municipal government policy, above all, in a management that generates the necessary infrastructure,” he commented.

The Governor argued that Puerto Piray has ceased to be a service town that only depends on a factory: “Today it has a State policy that seeks equal opportunities, but also seeks to enhance the wonders that they have in their region,” he acknowledged.

He also announced that the works of the new Puerto Piray sports center will be completed before the first half of next year, to promote sports activities in the area and that in the following days they will deliver lights and new road machinery to the municipality.

The provincial president highlighted the importance of the region’s private sector beginning to invest in new hotel rooms to contain the tourist demand generated by large sporting events. He predicted good results for the summer season in the province because “even in times of pandemic, we do not stop investing in the different tourist destinations in the province.” Thus, he gave an account of the efforts of the province to achieve financing lines that allow the promotion of the camping sector in different parts of Misiones.



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