The viral move of an XXL Lakers target, trade in preparation?

With 5 wins in their last 6 games, the Lakers are gradually catching up on their competitors in the West. The latest decision of one of the big players they covet on the market may however interest them!

Admittedly, their calendar had everything to allow them to initiate a series such as the one they are currently presenting. Despite the weakness of their recent opponents, the Lakers can nevertheless be satisfied with the beautiful pass they are going through. Still down in the Western Conference standings (13th, 7-11), they are however back in the fight for the playoffs. What confirm their plans vis-à-vis the market.

Desired in Los Angeles, a big name moves away from the Lakers

Badly embarked this season, the Angelinos have so far been patient, and should continue to do so. Indeed, no trade should be carried out by the front office before mid-December according to the latest rumors. In this context, the track leading to a star of the East has just evolved greatly, and seems to favor a next departure, why not towards the City of Angels:

Pacers center Myles Turner is leaving BDA Sports after two years and is expected to join CAA, league sources say. Turner is in the final year of his contract and is often considered a candidate for a trade before the Feb. 9 deadline.

Information that should please LeBron James, including the recent incendiary like could come close to an invitation sent to Turner to join him.

The news is also likely to make its way to the Clippers, who are also hoping get your hands on the Pacers big man. Moreover, for Internet users, it would be them who would have the upper hand in this case… thanks to the omnipotence of Klutch Sports at the Lakers:

It’s probably dead for Myles Turner to go to the Lakers given his time at CAA and their beef with Klutch. But if Rob had set up a trade over the summer for him like he was supposed to, this agent business wouldn’t matter as much as it does now. Rob has screwed up his bet again.

By joining the clientele of the CAA agency, Myles Turner could therefore not only promote his departure from the Pacers, but also make his arrival at the Lakers impossible. The Clippers and their fans therefore have something to rub their hands!



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