the Victor Wembanyama controversy continues to swell!

The Victor Wembanyama phenomenon continues to cause a sensation with the Metropolitans 92, but perhaps a bit too much given the enthusiasm generated. Before a remarkable departure for the NBA, many fans wish to attend a meeting of the Mets. However, the system currently in place is widely debated. Explanations.

Expected for the NBA next year, with his draft in June 2023, Victor Wembanyama continues to delight French supporters during this time. Count on the interior to give the maximum under the orders of Vincent Collet, like this first place in Betclic Elite and this series of 8 consecutive victories. But this enthusiasm also has its bad sides for the club.

Too many people to see Victor Wembanyama!

Whereas celebrities do not hesitate to make the trip to look at the phenomenon closely, this is also the case for many supporters. As you can imagine, the Mets have no trouble filling their halls with a sold-out game against Monaco on December 11th. The problem is that the places are not legion, and that many true fans find themselves… with nothing.

In 2 minutes flat, not even, impossible to get a place to see the next game of the Mets. The site is often in difficulty in the face of the high influx of Internet users, giving rise to many frustrated people. In the comments, some are calling for change:

Every week, it’s the same refrain that comes up on the side of the supporters, symbol of an aging system. Do the Mets need to play in a bigger venue to keep up with demand? Does the reservation system need to be reviewed? In any case, change is needed. Fans are warned, it won’t be easy to watch Victor Wembanyama before he leaves…



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