The update on the Lakers that will disgust LeBron

LeBron James has been pretty clear on the matter: he would like Rob Pelinka to do what it takes to improve the Lakers squad and him. allow to find the playoffs. Unfortunately, the latest news from Los Angeles is not necessarily reassuring for him.

The Lakers’ catastrophic start to the season shows one thing: the workforce is far too unbalanced to nurture the slightest ambition. Darvin Ham’s men have a record of 3 wins for already 10 defeats, they have an attack well below average, which struggles to find consistency in shooting, and the defense so promising of the first meetings is starting to falter. crumble.

If Rob Pelinka wants his franchise to return to the playoffs, he will have to get active on the transfer market, and quite quickly. Russell Westbrook remains a relatively easy player to trade, especially on a rebuilding team, there are draft picks available, and LeBron James would like to see things moving fast enough. They are expressed publicly on the issue this Thursday.

The Lakers already want to wait until next season!

But will its leaders be ready to sacrifice the future of the franchise to save a season that got off to such a bad start? Will they agree to give up their last Draft picks, when they could badly need them in a few seasons? According to an anonymous executive, who spoke for the site Heavy.comRob Pelinka and his acolytes will not take such a risk, even if it means frustrating the King:

I understand that the Lakers will take their time and wait despite the crisis. I don’t see what else they can do. They surely consider the fact that they will have a lot of room under the salary cap next summer, and they do not want to lose this privilege by spending lavishly to save this workforce which will not go anywhere no matter what.

I see the names circulating in the league, like everyone else, but I haven’t seen anything yet that would allow them to play for the title in June. They are better off letting Russell Westbrook and his 47 million leave at the end of the season. With an exchange they would have to take on a new big salary, they would prolong the damage over several seasons. They have to get out of the quagmire.

For this leader, the Lakers should not be tempted by a trade this year, since they would find themselves in a similar situation within a year or two, which would not really make sense. According to this expertise, Rob Pelinka will wait to recover the 47 million from Russell Westbrook’s contract to build a stronger workforce and surround LeBron James as it should. But will he have the patience for?

LeBron James has pressured his executives publicly, but his request could be ignOrated by Rob Pelinka! Rather than saving this season, GM would rather wait and invest in the future next summer.



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