The stars of the Lakers ignite after 2 victories, the fans turn them on!

The Lakers have just chained two victories convincing against Spurs, enough to restore confidence to the stars of the workforce. Moreover, according to information from an ESPN journalist, the fire would be total in the locker room…

The Lakers have been doing better for a few days, and yet they still haven’t picked up the qualifying places for the play in, that is to say the delay they took in the ignition. But if LeBron James continues on the good dynamic of his return, if Anthony Davis confirms that he is indeed one of the best players on the planet, everything could be back to normal fairly quickly.

Moreover, despite the bad place in the standings, confidence would be immense in the Angelinos locker room. They are on a two-game winning streak, have won 5 of the last 10 games, so inevitably they are starting to show their ambition quite clearly. Based on information from Dave McMenamin ofESPNthe fire would also be total among the stars of the workforce.

The Lakers see themselves on the verge of the title!

According to my sources, the stars of the Lakers would all agree that the team is only two players away from becoming a serious title contender. But to get the two right players, it might take several trades. Time is running out despite the team’s renewed form, since the Lakers are still three wins behind the last qualified for the play in.

Dave McMenamin is always very knowledgeable about the Lakers, and according to his sources, the executives of the team would be persuaded that a few alterations in the workforce could make them contenders for the title. An analysis that fans do not share, and they did not fail to make it known on social networks, with a barely concealed touch of sarcasm.

Yes, this team would be amazing with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on top.

Kidding aside, literally every team is two players away from being able to play for the title.

After two consecutive victories against the Spurs, LeBron James and his teammates are in pleine confidence and approach the future with ambition. The proof, according to the stars, only one or two players are missing to be able to aim for the title seriously… The important thing is to believe in it!



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