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Original Title: Funded by the Central Compulsory Education Weak Link Improvement and Capacity Enhancement Project——(Quotation)

The sports venues of 36 rural primary schools in Heyuan have a new look (theme)

Text/Picture Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Haisheng correspondent Wu Jianfeng

In the past, when taking physical education classes, Fengguang Primary School in Fengguang Village, Yuannan Town, Yuancheng District, Heyuan City always encountered several situations: the runway was full of dust on sunny days, the runway was covered with mud on rainy days, and occasionally students fell down while running… This year Enrolling in the fall, the school’s sports venues have undergone new changes. The old track has been replaced by a plastic track, the old basketball court has also been refurbished, and a new badminton court has also been built.

The change of Fengjing Primary School is a microcosm of the improvement project of sports facilities in Heyuan Rural Primary School. In 2022, Heyuan City will receive 20 million yuan from the Central Compulsory Education Weak Link Improvement and Ability Enhancement Project, which will be used for the construction of sports venues and facilities in 36 rural primary schools. The area of ​​sports activities does not meet the standard, the sports grounds are not hardened, and the number of sports equipment is insufficient.

With new stadium, students are more athletic

“Characteristic schools” have supporting facilities

Fengguang Primary School is a complete primary school with 305 students. The school has always attached great importance to physical education, with the school-running philosophy of “carrying forward the spirit of football and training young people who are strong in the country”. In 2019, it was selected as a national campus football characteristic school.

However, before this fall semester, the sports grounds of Fengguang Primary School could hardly match those of the “Football Special School”. During physical education class, teachers and students are extremely vulnerable to injury. “The quality and effect of physical education are greatly affected.” said Liu Jianping, principal of Fengguang Primary School.

This year, the school was included in the upgrading and renovation of the sports fields of rural primary schools in Heyuan City. The renovation project was completed and put into use before the start of school this fall. After the transformation, the broken plastic track became a brand new plastic track, the original basketball court was transformed into a silicon PU and acrylic basketball court, and the concrete floor to the south of the basketball court was transformed into two acrylic badminton courts, with a total investment of 817,000 yuan.

Liu Jianping introduced that after the new sports ground was put into use, the school opened a full range of physical education classes, and practically carried out large breaks and one-hour sports activities on campus every day. The school’s physical education work was carried out normally, and the physical health of students was effectively improved.

Enthusiasm for student sports soars

Like Fengguang Primary School, before the upgrading and renovation of Dengta Town No. 2 Primary School in Dongyuan County, sports venues and facilities were very scarce. There were only three basketball courts on concrete floors and a 200-meter circular runway on muddy road, all of which had been used for a long time. Decades, serious aging. Lin Xueming, the principal of the school, was very sad to see the students moving on the runway filled with smoke and dust every day.

“The running track that has been in disrepair for a long time is full of dust on sunny days and muddy on rainy days.” Lin Xueming recalled that teachers and students did not dare to use the old track, so they had to run laps on basketball courts or other open spaces in physical education classes. Two of the three basketball courts There is no basketball hoop, and it is used for group exercises and physical fitness tests.

After the start of the autumn semester, the school’s sports facilities have undergone earth-shaking changes. Not only the running track and basketball court have been plasticized, but also a futsal field, six table tennis tables, badminton courts and some fitness equipment have been added. 3.88 million yuan.

“Students’ physical education courses are much richer than before.” Lin Xueming said, adding football, track and field and other teaching content, the enthusiasm of students has also increased a lot. In the past, students could not be seen on the field after group activities, but now there are people everywhere. in motion.

As of the end of September, Heyuan City has completed the renovation tasks of 36 schools in 2022. Regarding the sports facilities that have been built, the relevant person in charge of the Heyuan Education Bureau stated that they will do a good job in maintenance and management, make good use of the sports venues, improve the physical health of students, and open them to villagers in a timely manner according to the actual situation, so as to maximize their social benefits.



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