The Prado Museum worried about activists

In recent days there has been a wave of activists, who have dedicated themselves to demonstrating through the cruelty of works of art in large museums. The first one was, ‘The sunflowers’ by Van Gogh, which was suddenly smeared with tomato sauce and left the attendees perplexed at what was happening.

The Prado Museum from Madrid, was already on the lookout for any strange movement, since it was to be expected that these eco-activists would try to make themselves known in one of the most important museums in Spain, and so it was.

Last Saturday, two young people from the Futuro Vegetal group, stuck to the frames of ‘The Naked Maja’ and ‘The Dressed Maja, as a protest against climate change. In the movement, a ‘+1.5’ could be seen painted on the wall, referring to global warming. Given what happened, the attendees came to put an end to the movement with the help of the museum’s security, although not with much encouragement, since it seems that the protocol of the room does not allow it.

The room agent called her superiors and the police officers appeared to arrest the two young men. Before that they were properly detached from the frames.

This movement has left feelings of insecurity in the museum, which has prepared an alert protocol against this type of activist. Although, he refuses to search the attendees.

Despite this, it is expected that all the great museums in Europe will begin to increase their security measures in the face of such a problem, which is destroying several works and exponents of painters and masters recognized throughout the planet and who make known the cultural wealth .



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