The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: The long adeu

Teamwork as in the times of Rubén Reyes. This is the recipe of Roberto Suárez, the heir to Oviedo’s frustrated desire to replace Tito. They will do well in the blue house to comply with the maxim in these times when the waters go down cloudy. The defensive fragility in the stopped ball, that art that gives and takes away many points in the competitive Second Division, continues to weigh down the Blues. Admiral Cervera cannot find the reasons why the ship has leaks the size of the “Titanic”. He was seen again in Villarreal, where again the punch that sent Oviedo to the canvas came on the last play. Nothing is lost, nothing gained, but the days go by and the blues have not quite straightened out some numbers that are beginning to panic. The accounts are very simple, even though there are still optimists who continue to believe that “yes, it can be done”. Oviedo has 37 points left to reach the shore of salvation. Then, it will be seen if there is time and energy left to launch for other objectives.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, Sporting promised them very happily against Albacete until they hit reality. In the end Abelardo’s men saved a point with the presence of Luis Enrique in the stands. The one who will never step on the grass of El Molinón or El Tartiere will be Piqué. Geri has left him by surprise after a more than brilliant career as a footballer and a somewhat more mediocre one as a jester. It must be recognized that he has managed not to leave anyone indifferent, being one of those footballers who have ended up being a club within the club, a company within the company.

And so it has been acting in recent years. But, dear friends, one does and others let do. In the next few days we will learn the reasons for this surprising withdrawal: his weight loss in the team, the lack of attractive sports goals, his personal situation, the pressure from the club to release his astronomical record, the entry into force of the Sports Law , where athletes are prohibited from having economic-business interests in the competition in which they participate and a long etcetera… But beware, before leaving he already threatens to return. President, president…! Let Laporta tremble, did you hear, dude?



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