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Alhaurn de la Torre has hosted this Saturday the 5th Edition of the Top TTR Absolute and Mini Badminton, which has been held in the Municipal Indoor Sports Center of El Limn throughout the day.

The show is made up of a collection of works using different techniques by this local artist, who already exhibited in Alhaurn de la Torre in 2005 at the Cultural Center. It can be visited until next January 19

Malaga is a charming city, with a good climate throughout the year and capable of offering a quality of life that is impossible to achieve in other large cities. Have you dared to move here? In that case, you will surely be interested in knowing which are the best neighborhoods in Malaga to live in.

The second edition of the K-Pop Sur Experience has had the Youth House as its setting, which has allowed it to house many more attendees, and become a great success.

The high demand for this activity will encourage it to be convened again in the near future. The seminar was given by the manager of the Monfrino Club, an expert in said training. Soon it will be taken to the educational community

The Old Quarter will once again host this great festival of citizen participation on January 21st. The groups can reserve their ‘stand’ or request to carry out an activity until next November 25.



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