The Medinans from CDM shine in Palencia, in the C&L Championship of Badminton under 11 and under 13

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Last weekend, November 5, 2022, a large group of athletes belonging to CD. Medinense traveled to Palencia to play the Castilla y León Badminton Championship. Those from Villa de las Ferias did not disappoint and were protagonists in both competitions.

In category IF under 11 Naevia Estévez managed to get into the final losing in a tough match by 15/13 and 15/8. In DF sub 11 Naevia Estévez was the great protagonist of her along with her partner Lara Ortega de Pajarillos to get the victory by 15/4 and 15/6.

In the DM sub 13 category, Víctor Hernández achieved a meritorious third place along with his partner Alonso Contreras de Pajarillos. In the IF sub 13 category, Inés Vaquero got into the semifinals after becoming champion in her group and getting on the podium in third place.

For her part, Cloe Alonso, after becoming champion in the IF sub 13 category, could not beat Soriana in a close match to play the semifinal. In the sub 13 DF category, Alexia Ramiro and Carlota Lozano achieved a meritorious third place.

Pablo Martin, champion in the Top TTR of Perales de Tajuña Sub 19

Last weekend November 6, 2022 Pablo Martin belonging to CD. Medinense visited the Madrid town of Perales de Tajuña to compete in the Top TTR of Badminton; a competition where he became champion of the tournament.



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