The league flew to the side of Tiro, which beat Globo and was one step away from winning everything

Federal shot seems to be angeled. This afternoon they suffered a lot in the second half, but even so, they were able to fly back and beat Huracán 2 to 1 to stay one victory away from taking the scepter for the 2022 Southern League season.

The aurivioleta started losing and had a hard time in the complement, but he remained cold and took advantage of his moment to give a highly celebrated victory to his people, who supported him at the Onofre Pirrone.

parity with goals

The first segment of the initial 45 minutes were very stuck and friction. The two populated the midfield with soccer players (3-5-2) and neither could prevail.

In any case, it was the Globo that arrived somewhat more armed in the final meters.

But that notorious territorial and football parity was broken after 22 minutes when the visitor reached the opening of the scoring.

Achigar held on and yielded to Scalco, who turned Gutiérrez and took out a right cross, unattackable by Bruno Arias.

At a disadvantage, the auriviolet assumed another role. And he went over it.

He quickly balanced the score with a stopped ball. Navarro fouled Altfater and “Vincha” Medina nailed an exquisite left-footed shot into Alonso’s upper right corner. Great goal.

The parity boosted the home owner who was about to take the lead with a Mancinelli header that ended up in the net, but was invalidated at the request of assistant Franco Pérez.

Later, it was the Globe that claimed a hold from Onorio to Lischeske inside the area.

He reached out a hand and knocked him out

Already in the complement, Santiago López emerged with a right hand just wide.

However, Huracán began to tilt the court, pressed high up and hurt on the right with an uncontrollable Scalco.

El Globo filled him with doubts, but he failed in the final thrust and left Hernán Rosell’s team alive, who delivered the KO blow with 9 minutes to go.

After a ball that Di Santoro combed, the attacker Santiago López burst in like lightning and broke Alonso’s bow to turn the result around.

The visitor threw in the rest and went on the attack massively. After a ball that was buoyant, Alan González’s shot (entered to play 9) found the hand of Mena and Rubén Molina –of good commitment– decreed the maximum penalty.

But it was not the afternoon of the whitenses and Navarro’s shot went very high.

Tiro clung to success and ended up celebrating a victory that leaves him on the threshold of closing a great year. And with only Liniers on the horizon, the aurivioleta will seek to put the bow on an unforgettable season.

the synthesis


B. Arias 6

Gutiérrez 5

S. Mancinelli (c) 6

I. Walter 5

R. Honorius 5

Menna 5

Gil 5

plains 6

M. Medina 7

Altfater 6


DT: H. Rosell


Alonso 5

Zanazzi 5

E. Veron 6

P. Fernández 5

J. Perez 6

N. Palacio 6

Bat 6

E. Lischeske 5

Navarro (c) 5

Scalco 7

Achigar 6

DT: F. Gómez Peña

PT. Goals by Scalco (H), at 22m. and Medina (TF), at 30m.

ST. Goal by S. López (TF), at 36m. At 41m. Navarro (H) missed a penalty.

CHANGES. 68m. Adaro by Onorio and Colonel by Gil, 76m. Restiffo by Gutierrez and Di Santoro by Alftater and 87m. Damiani by Medina, in Tyre; 79m. Anastasio by Achigar and 84m. A. Gonzalez by Veron, in Hurricane.

REFEREE. Ruben Molina (6).



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