The Lakers are waiting for a mysterious player to blow everything up!

Los Angeles Lakers (DR) / NBA (DR)

With two wins for eight losses, the Lakers already find themselves in a difficult position in the West. A few weeks at the same level, and we can say that the men of Darvin Ham will not go to the playoffs, once again. The supporters are therefore demanding change immediately. However, the franchise may be waiting for the rare pearl…

It is not the joy currently at the Lakers, with defeats in shambles. Some had found some hope with a series of two victories, but the men of Darvin Ham are unable to continue. Blame it on a clearly poorly constructed roster. The coach is not responsible, while his decision to release Russell Westbrook of the bench seems to be the correct one. The latter lives again in this new role, even if success does not follow.

Are the Purple and Gold able to bounce back? Fans hope so, but many want change. No need to wait weeks according to some, while Rob Pelinka is able to take action shortly to improve this squad. Although the means are limited, the Lakers have enough to formulate a first offer… Which should not happen.

The Lakers ready to temporize?

While many are calling for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield to come, or these two new targets, Pelinka would have decided not to do anything. A curious choice. According to Howard Beck, in a recent podcast, the Californian franchise prefers to temporize, always in the hope that the current roster manages to rebound. It is also said that the front office is waiting for the rare pearl…

I can add one thing, without going into details. But I’ve been talking to a few people from the front offices recently, with a simple thought: “Can the Nets destroy everything today?” » Do they have to do it? What can they get against Kevin Durant? Against Kyrie Irving? Does anyone still want Ben Simmons? And in these discussions, the Lakers returned to the charge.

The general idea is that they are waiting for a specific player. They won’t do a deal with the Pacers, or something to sign Kyrie, when we thought everything was done a few months ago. No, that’s an indication the Lakers are looking for a bigger fish. The front office is confident they can get it with Westbrook and two first-round draft picks.

Knowing that Hield and Turner will not come against this offer, the Pacers having refused, we are curious to know the opinion of the Lakers. Can they really recruit heavy with this? Recall that earlier in the week, a rumor with Kevin Durant appeared. Rather than save the Angelinos’ season, Pelinka may be waiting to recruit the future star asking for his trade…

Do not expect a trade on the side of the Lakers. Regardless of the results, Rob Pelinka prefers to play the watch, and hopes for a small miracle in the City of Angels with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. A controversial decision, which will not please the supporters. The GM shouldn’t keep his job for long at this rate…



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