The Lakers, a turning point in the season in two weeks?

After a disastrous start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers are doing better. Over the last few weeks, the Angelenos have managed to get some success by showing a more interesting face. However, there is nothing to jump to the ceiling: the Californians remain in 13th place in the Western Conference with 7 wins for 12 losses.

As it stands, even though the Angelenos can get back into the Playoff race quickly, this team, contrary to the vision “des leaders”, is far from aiming for the NBA title. To find ambitions, movements seem in any case essential.

And precisely, on this subject, the Lakers should very soon decide. According to information from The Athletic journalist Jovan Buha, Los Angeles has planned to take stock of the situation from December 15. Why this date? Players recruited this summer will be able to be traded.

Currently, the Californian management is still hesitating between two strategies. A huge move by sacrificing all their strengths or corrections at the margin. And for now, the Lakers are still reluctant to sacrifice their two first-round draft picks (2027 and 2029).

However, if a golden opportunity arises, Rob Pelinka seems ready to send everything. And with the pressure exerted by LeBron James, he will clearly have no room for error. A decision that will set the tone for the rest of the Lakers season.

LeBron James puts pressure on the Lakers in disguise



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