The Ins and Outs of Advanced Cooling Technology for the 2022 World Cup Stadium


Qatar known as a very hot country temperature. So, title World Cup 2022 held in the country it implements cooling technology sophisticated in the stadium. Like what?

The revolutionary system was first showcased during the inauguration of the Khalifa International Stadium in 2017 and has since been adapted at 6 other tournament venues, as well as other facilities across the country.

In the future, this technology will allow sporting events to be held throughout the year, so that the stadium can still be used after the 2022 World Cup.

So, an energy-efficient cooling system was immediately developed by Qatar itself after they were confirmed to be the host of the World Cup. Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, Professor of Engineering at Qatar University plays an important role in this technology.

“My PhD studies focus on air conditioning in cars and we apply the same theory to World Cup stadiums but obviously on a much larger scale,” said Dr. Saud as quoted detikINET from

Cooling technology they have already been installed in seven of Qatar’s eight 2022 stadiums. The only one not in use is Stadium 974, as it can be dismantled and has natural ventilation. Each technology is implemented differently according to stadium conditions.

How does it work? Using solar energy, outside air is cooled and then distributed through devices in the stands and large pipes at the sides of the pitch.

“We only cool areas where people need it, such as on the pitch or stands. Each stadium is cooled to a comfortable temperature, around 20 degrees Celsius,” explained Dr. Saud.

Well apparently, cooling technology This is not patented so it can be used in other countries. “This technology has the potential to be a game changer for countries with hot climates. That’s why I make sure anyone can use it,” said Dr. Saud. He also admitted that he was very proud that this technology from Qatar could be imitated by other countries and businesses.

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