The hockey players extended their stay in Turku because of the plane crash

et hockey player rejoice with glu Tome Dvoka.

| photo: AP

Kari Jalonen’s team went straight from the Gatorade Center hall, home of the TPS Turku club, to a nearby flight after yesterday’s 2:3 overtime loss. Around 16:30 SE, when the team was due to take off, the right boarded the plane, but not long after the players had taken their seats, the captain’s order to return to the flight hall sounded.

The broken down machine was finally shut down due to a problem with the hydraulics, which involved extending and retracting the undercarriage, after moments of uncertainty that persisted on the right in the summer terminal. It started to fly the spare plane from Riga, which then left Turku after 21:00 SE.

During the game, the leader of the implementation team and several female hockey players of the representative team, who participated in the Five-Country Tournament in Finland and had to travel on the same plane, went back to the city for the night.

Recently, hockey player Sparta also had problems with air transport, and at the end of the season they were even forced to miss the Champions League against the home team Jukurit. Due to a plane breakdown, Praan did not fly to Finland at all, where they were supposed to fight for promotion from the group in the city of Mikkeli.

Then they even had a footballer from Slovacka when they were preparing to travel to Stockholm for the rematch of the Konferenn League on August 24. They were supposed to leave in the morning, but in the end they flew on the same day and in the evening.

As well as the trip to the north of Europe, the national football team also had two trips in five months. The national team was supposed to fly to Stockholm on the afternoon of the 22nd to play in the semi-finals of the World Cup qualifiers. However, due to technical problems with the machine, the footballer had to change gears, spent the night in Prague and flew out the next morning.



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