The gymnast Leticia Batista gives its name to the El Chorrillo pavilion

The municipal pavilion of El Chorrillo was renamed last night Leticia Batista Sports Pavilionin recognition of the award-winning gymnast, several times champion of Spain with her club Batistana Tenerife, and neighbor of El Rosario. “It is a pride for me, that this pavilion bears my name after 16 years,” said the emotional gymnast.

Leticia with her parents, her sister Jackeline and the mayor / NORCHI

The mayor of El Rosario, scholastic gil and the Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Román Rodríguez, presided over the institutional act of naming the facility, which was inaugurated in 2006 and which for the occasion also debuted new LED lighting, solar panels that will result in the facility’s electrical savings, surface reformed game area and new mat for the practice of rhythmic gymnastics, where almost a hundred girls train almost daily under the guidance of both Leticia and her sister Jackeline, although Leticia continues, at the age of 30, to also participate actively as an athlete, as demonstrated last week in Jerez de la Frontera, in the Spanish Cup, where Batistana once again climbed the podiums from the base to the senior category. The Batistana brings together gymnasts from the age of three to 30, as well as a dance school, which last night delighted the public, like Leticia herself along with her four first-class Spanish champions.

Leticia delighted the public with an individual performance and then together / SM

Escolástico Gil stressed the importance of making visible in the municipality “athletes who embody the values ​​of excellence and sacrifice in sport and who, historically, have had less public recognition than their male colleagues.” He recalled that it is the first municipal enclosure with a woman’s name.

Facade with the name of Leticia and vinyl of all sports / NORCHI

During the event, recognition was also made to the five clubs that make use of the pavilion: Al Batistana, Elite Volleyball, Tenzul for badminton and the recently created Amadeus 2020 and Naismith, both for basketball, all of which were recorded. on the main façade of the facility with a large vinyl under the light with the renowned Leticia Batista Sports Pavilion, a reflection of El Rosario’s commitment to sports.



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